Tiki Lounge

‘OHANA – A fabulous and tiki inspired lounge that serves refreshing cocktails and the city’s best shisha, is launching itself in a city where money making is the name of the game – and the environment, and our everyday carbon footprint does not enter the consciousness. Aiming to lead the way and make a meaningful change in the way people enjoy their drinks, ‘OHANA is taking the concept of “nose-to-tail” to the cocktail world, with their “STEM TO SEED” approach. An experience that takes significance from the notion of ‘waste-not-want’ – and making full use of ingredients, batch brews, and reduction of ice in service – what some refer to as “closing the cocktail loop”.


means 'Family.'


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+852 26480900

Sun - Wed
5pm - 2 am

Thur - Sat
5pm - 3 am